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Reader’s Miracles

Once I started to clean with the money they seem to follow me everywhere. I find them on the streets, someone gives me little money gifts. I feel like they themselves want to get into my wallet. I am happy to have such golden friends!

My favorite cleaning tool is Blue Solar Water. At first I was afraid to use tap water and used spring water instead. But then I realized that it's only a matter of trust, because nothing in itself isn’t bad. I moved to tap water. The first 1.5 liters I drank with great difficulty. I felt the difference between the tap and spring water. But later I got used to it. Now I drink with pleasure!

Dr. Hew Len once said that he was drinking blue solar water as much as he could. Then I heard from him that you can’t over drink blue solar water. So I realized that there is no limit! Gradually I increased my daily intake of water. I reached up to 12-15 liters during the working days 15-20 liters on weekends. The results are very encouraging.

I've got a healthy blush on my face, went away the under-eye circles. My body shape became like I am a regular visitor at the fitness club, weight was gone. A lot of pain in the body that I had felt on a regular basis is also gone. All this did not happen immediately but within a few months, especially when I drastically increased its daily "dose". Blue Solar Water is not the only tool that I use. But the metamorphosis of the body began to happen when I only used BSW.

Blue Solar Water helps me to clear a lot when I worry about something or fear. I noticed that it is enough to drink 2-3 liters in a row and any concern – if not completely go away, but will weakened for sure.

I believe that anyone who is practicing Ho'oponopono, my friend by default. After all, regardless of gender, age, social status, interests, hobbies and preferences – we are all going in the same direction, to zero. It would be interesting to have more friends who practice ho’oponopono.

One of the first miracles while practicing ho’ooponopono was weaving mandalas. I do not knit, do not sew, sometimes I draw, but when I saw on the Internet woven mandal, I realized what is meant "itching hands". It's very exciting and each mandala is a very personal and alive. They tell me their story. When I make them I'm cleaning and of course invite to participate in the creative process my Inner Child. I feel she likes it a lot.

Recently I realized that my Unihipili is in contact with me. I cannot hear the Child, but I feel that he's around. I feel his support; even now when I write about him, feel him smiling. Thank you for your wonderful site and the opportunity to learn from other people about Ho'oponopono. It is very very valuable to me.
I wish you peace and success!


I want to share a miracle that I am witnessing.
Keeping in mind that the "memories do not go away on vacation," I try to clean continuously. I clean everything that I face. I repeat – "I love you" and sometimes asking my Inner Child like this – "Help me, please  with the cleaning… (what caught my attention) … I thank you."

Recently, we have cleaned "Public transportation" and now, there is no longer waiting for transport! Often it used to be I had to speed up my pace or even run to catch the bus. Cleansing, purifying, cleansing … Non stop always here and now. Nothing is more important …

I would like to share with you one of my miracles. Having spent some time at one job, I realized that all I needed to get here – I got already. This also applies to knowledge and experience. I can’t say that I always clearly hear my Unihipili, but when I talked to her about it I felt she is with me on that matter – and the truth is I've got to get out of here. And as always doubt kept quietly =) I jumped to my bus, staring out the window … and I realized that now I am watching my own doubt. I started to say "I love you" to them and then there was the momentum to turn my head up to the sky. I did just that. I was very surprised by what I saw: in the area of ​​the sky where I was drawn to look was a cloud in the form of a clear figure 6. Even more – the figure of six was emphasized and after the 6 I saw fat period. I've never seen such a smooth shape of clouds. But why am I so surprised? Because this day was the sixth day of the month. It was that day when I had to draw the line in my relationship with work. My doubts flew away with the summer wind… I did just that.

My son finally bought a car. He dreamed about this car for six months! So … of course he bought it, taking loan from the bank for 4 years. I helped him in the bank …. And here is the miracle itself. It has been exactly 1 month and 4 days .. when he paid off all the money for the loan! First, one of his grandmother really wanted to help and gifted him more than a half of the amount he needed for the car.  Yesterday the other grandparent also wanted to gift the rest of the remaining amount.

Honestly, I really was against for my son to have such fancy gifts. But doing ho’oponopono …. my opposition disappeared. All is well. The loan fully covered, my unhappiness about the gifts was quickly replaced with the peace of mind. I love you Ho’oponopono.

Thank you for your work. I love you. Every time I have a question that pops up out of nowhere I find the answer on your website. It seems like Divinity says: “Go here. Read that.” A thousand times thank you.

My miracle is that with help of cleaning I started to get an inspiration to do handcrafts. The inspiration was so strong that I started knitting. I knew how to knit when I was 8 or 10 years old. I was doing it for a while and then stopped. I don’t know for what reason. I just remember I was happy in those moments.

So many years have past by. I am an adult woman now and here you go with the cleaning I remembered again what made me happy. 2 weeks in a row every day after work I do my knitting and with each move of needles I use my ho’oponopono tools. It became like a happy meditation for me. I forget about everything. I don’t need to talk or eat. I am completely in the process and I like it very much. I made myself vest.

Thank you for reminding me that I can be happy and use my talents.

With great please, I would like to share my miracle with you. Perhaps I'll start by saying something that I don’t understand anything about computers. I am not an advanced user. I just know how to turn it on and off and go to websites I like to read. This time I had an emergency that required using a computer because I didn’t have any help around. I had to:


  •      Make a copy of the questionnaire
  •      Print and scan that copy
  •      Find that copy in the directory in the right folder
  •      Send scanned questionnaire to an email

All these steps I had to do within an hour. I had to run to work and get to the train. Well, my eyes were afraid, but the hands had to move and do what I had to do. I was cleaning and trying to perform those difficult tasks for me.

Dear friends, believe me, I do not know how it happened, but I just clicked on icons, folders, and got right where I needed to be from the first click. I couldn’t believe but I spent only 20 minutes! To me, it's a miracle because even 6 months ago, I had no idea what a scanner is.

Thank you for the cleaning.
















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