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Accident Are Not Accidents…with Ho’oponopono

The scheduled seminar in Italy was to lead Ihaleakala Dr. Hew Len. The fact that there is a change of the instructor, I found out a few days before the trip.

"Everything is as it should be" – I told myself. All of those events occurring prior to the registration for the seminar: the wonders of paying the bills, incredible flow of money – were still living in the heart as proof that my mind does not know about the plans of the Creator. Italian workshop instructors were Mary Kohler and Patrice Julien.

Patrice Julien talked a lot about how important the relationship with our inner child, the need to make interest your Unihipili into cleaning. Just imagine what happens when kids have nothing to do? Those are examples which captured my attention and resonated with my soul.

What memories, what programs were there released – I do not know but after that I often begin to think about the name that the Creator intended to name me before I was born, the Hawaiian name, the name that can fulfill my destiny. I was cleaning …

In Italy, I already knew that my next seminar will be with Patrice. In September, I was again at the seminar in Switzerland.

I want to share an example of how the Ho’oponopono works. The student girl at the seminar had a question. Patrice Julien offered everyone in the room to clean first. "What's going on in me …?" After a while Patrice asked the girl again to repeat the same question, but the question vanished. "I have no more questions," – she said surprisingly.  She did not understand where it disappeared to.

I asked myself: "Was it an accident the instructor changed last minute in Italy? Did I think about the name accidently?”  I think not …  I was cleaning with my Hawaiian name when I was going to the instructor with the request of Hawaiian name. Patrice was walking towards me.  

A few days after the seminar with IZI LLC in Switzerland, I received an email from Patrice Julien with my Hawaiian name – Mauli Ola. It was September 12, the day of my birth. Was it an accident?

God lead me to Patrice Julien to get the name.

Thank you, Patrice!

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  1. Nora

    I do really love this article!  Thank you, I love you.

    1. Kekaulike

      Thank you, Nora!

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